Textease Studio CT

Textease Studio CT 6.5

Manages, modifies and controls school ICT
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6.5.0 (See all)
Work with the data of ICT by creating projects and implementing them throughout the curriculum. The suite features nine tools and is capable of quickly saving, backing up, copying and transferring work materials for adjustment, replacement, and other processing.

Textease Studio CT is the only toolset you'll ever need, not just for ICT, but to make the embedding of ICT throughout the curriculum a doddle.
The 9 tools in Textease Studio CT are fully integrated which means that they all work in a similar way so having mastered one the others are easy to pick up.

Main features:
Publisher CT - For all your writing and publishing needs.
Draw CT - A revolutionary vector drawing tool.
Spreadsheet CT - The perfect introduction to simple spreadsheets.
Movies CT - Produce exciting movies in minutes.
Database CT - A truly easy to use, multi-user database.
Paint CT - A vibrant, creative painting tool.
Presenter CT - Create top-notch presentations to be proud of.
Turtle CT - Flexible, progressive on-screen turtle graphics.
Branch CT - A imaginative way to sort and classify.

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